Deadly Ink

A panel. I'm in the center in the dark shirt.

A panel. I’m in the center in the dark shirt.

I just got back from the Deadly Ink Mystery Conference in New Jersey. The conference covered a lot of topics of interest to mystery fans, but the highlight was when a panel on historical mysteries I was moderating went off on a discussion of historical underwear! Well, anything for authenticity, I suppose.

The guest of honor was Lincoln Child, co author of Relic, which was made into a movie. Here are a couple of photos.

I gave a talk on unsolved murders of prominent men. It was called "Deathstyles of the Rich and famous"

More "Deathstyles"


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retired engineer and author of historical fiction and non fiction. My current book is Master Detective, the story of America's Sherlock Holmes and his involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping investigation.
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One Response to Deadly Ink

  1. G.M. Malliet says:

    “Deathstyles of the Rich and Famous” was a fascinating talk. Good luck with your books, John!

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