Scenes from an Eastern Shore restaurant

Tostoy used to go among the people for inspiration and ideas, but he never went to a Chesapeake Bay country restaurant during deer season.
This time of year, local deer hunters are coming out of the woodwork as well as the woods. Recently, eating in a local restaurant was like eating at an army mess hall, there was so much camouflage around. At one nearby table, four hunters were discussing an absent comrade…
“Yeah, he’s a great hunter; a real woodsman. He doesn’t even use a GPS!”

The speaker then ordered some more mayonnaise from the waiter, who was obviously an old friend. When the waiter brought the mayonnaise, the hunter complained it had taken too long. The waiter’s reply?
“Geez, Henry. You can  spend all day in a tree waiting for a deer but you can’t wait for some mayonnaise?”

Ah, the voice of the people.

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