The most fun you can have suspended 182 feet above the Chesapeake Bay

DSC05941BBay Bridge


I recently gave a talk in Easton, Md about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (actually, bridges, because there are two of them).The bridge has a colorful history of political, economic, and engineering battles between Maryland regions, politicians, Baltimore Harbor interests, Eastern Shore businesses, and people who wanted to get to and from Ocean City, Maryland. Over a hundred people showed up, and one of them had a personal connection to the opening of the first bridge. He was in the Maryland National Guard as a truck driver at the time. State officials wanted a big ceremony to kick off the bridge when it opened in 1952. To make a big PR splash, they assembled a motorcade to be the first to cross the bridge and the procession would be led by three governors in three convertables. So for so good, but what was a photo op without photos? So the state officials arranged for a National Guard truck to carry reporters and photographers just ahead of the governors and take dramatic pictures. Well, you guessed it; the man in the audience was the driver of that truck and became the first man to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!
The accompanying photo is the one that appeared in the newspapers and was taken from the back of the National Guard truck. (Note the ferry to the left, making its last run.)


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retired engineer and author of historical fiction and non fiction. My current book is Master Detective, the story of America's Sherlock Holmes and his involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping investigation.
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