The Name Game

Here’s something you seldom hear people say: “You know, what the world really needs is more people named John Reisinger writing books.” The general feeling seems to be that one is more than enough. So it may seem surprising that there are two already. The other John Reisinger writes religious books on Christian doctrine. It’s hard to see how anyone could get us mixed up, but sometimes they do. Only a few days ago I got an email asking me a question on Doctrines of Grace, which is like asking someone on TV’s Jersey Shore to explain quantum physics.
One of the first indications I had that this sort of mix up might be a problem came some years ago when I first started writing true crime and true crime-based fiction. I planned to attend the Bouchercon Mystery Conference. The conference features panels discussing various crime and mystery-related topics and I volunteered to be on one of them. In due course one of the conference organizers contacted me and said they were having a little trouble finding a panel that fit my writing background.

Me: (Not realizing they had me mixed up with the other John Reisinger) Trouble? What do you mean?

Organizer: Well, most mysteries focus on how someone dies, but your books seemed more concerned with what happens to him afterwards.

Well, that was one mystery solved anyway.

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