Consequences and repercussions


In Life, Eddie Murphy has a famous scene where he’s trying to impress another, much bigger prisoner with how bad he is. If anyone messes with him, Murphy blusters, there’s going to “consequences and repercussions!”.
In real life, the consequences and repercussions tend to be more subtle, but they are still there.
Case in point: the Oxford Ferry.
The Oxford Ferry runs between Royal Oak on one side of the Tred Avon River to the town of Oxford, Maryland on the other. It’s a favorite with both locals and tourists because it’s handy and picturesque. On a recent weekend, we were making the trip and got to talking with a number of visitors from Pennsylvania who asked us for a local restaurant recommendation. The choice was down to two local eateries and we had been to both. Our experience was that restaurant A had good food and a friendly and attentive staff, while restaurant B featured so-so food and a waitress that seemed very put out when we asked about a menu item. Guess which one the Pennsylvania party of six patronized?
Word of mouth is great advertising, but it can spread unpleasant facts just as well.

Consequences and repercussions.

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