Great moments in kayak rack engineering

Kayaks are great, but where do you store the things so they aren’t in the way?
Check out the kayak rack I made in the garage. It can store 2 kayaks out of the way above the refridge. The bottom pic shows the materials, 1 inch pipe and fittings. This is what they use at the local Kayak emporiums, but I added a twist. Instead of lifting and flopping the kayak directly on the rack, we didn’t want to lift the bloody thing over the refridge, so I slid a piece of white pvc pipe over the steel pipe to act as a roller. To keep the kayak from sliding on the white pvc pipe, I slid a length of bicycle inner tube over it. (See picture)
It works perfectly. We lift one end of the kayak and place it on the right arm of the rack, then we push the kayak over the rollers until it is in place. Voila. To take the kayak down, just reverse the process.


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One Response to Great moments in kayak rack engineering

  1. Jessica says:

    GREAT IDEA!! May have to use this in the future!!!

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