What are they thinking?

First off, I don’t claim to be an expert in retailing. I have never owned or managed a retail business, although I have worked in a business where you interacted directly with sales to walk in customers. But I have been a customer and I know what hits me as a dumb move that makes we want to go somewhere else.

We were recently at a small southern oceanfront resort and stopped into a small local grocery store. Although it was clean and well stocked, almost none of the items were marked with a price. There were  yellow labels on the edges of the shelves corresponding with the items, but the labels only had the name of the item with a bar code and a seven digit code number. A few sale items were marked, but close to 90% of the stock wasn’t.

Now here is where the “What are they thinking?” comes in. Exactly how do they expect the customers to react? Is the customer expected to rush to the check out clerk for a price check each time he looks at an item, or do they expect the customer to simply fill his cart with a shrug and pay whatever is asked at check out? We simply turned around and walked out. It wasn’t worth the hassle. Do they have any idea how much business they are losing?

What are they thinking?

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