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Everybody knows that!

This is sort of a followup to the last post about the unreliability of eyewitnesses. Closely related to the unreliable eyewitness account is the long held,unexamined belief. Now, don’t get excited;  I don’t mean religious beliefs.  I mean a factoid … Continue reading

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“I saw it with my own eyes!”

Most people think that eyewitness testimony is the best first-hand evidence you can get.” I saw it with my own eyes.” You just can’t get better testimony than that. It has to be true because that guy saw it…with his … Continue reading

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More on websites

I have written before about my website, (Nowadays, you can pretty much skip the www. prefix since most browsers can figure that part out on their own.) I’ve had a site for over ten years and have modified and … Continue reading

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Technology

There used to be a T-shirt that said something to the effect “It’s a beautiful day: now watch some jerk come along and screw it up.” Of course, anyone who looks to T-shirt slogans for revealed wisdom and philosophical insights … Continue reading

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Amazon ego trip

I’m sure this happens to Steven King and John Grisham all the time but it’s a first for me. We all know Amazon is a marketing behemoth. One way they sell so much is by having their computers track any … Continue reading

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