Amazon ego trip

I’m sure this happens to Steven King and John Grisham all the time but it’s a first for me.

We all know Amazon is a marketing behemoth. One way they sell so much is by having their computers track any browsing you do and try to see what you like so they can pitch similar products. Sometimes they are dead on and sometimes, not so much.

They apparently have banks of computers programmed to find the appropriate product just for you. If you’re someone who sells one of those products they could be pushing what you’re selling without you even knowing it.

One of my first books was called Nassau. It was a historical novel set in the Bahamas during the Civil War. At that time the Bahamas was being used as a transfer port by blockade runners who ran cotton out of the blockaded Southern ports and brought war material from England back in. It was a colorful and exciting history, and something many people know very little about.  I was preparing a PowerPoint presentation about the book and about the blockade to present to a Civil War group, so I was looking for more information. I checked out Amazon looking for information about the blockade the Civil War and the Bahamas. Apparently the Amazon computers took note and the very next day I got the following email.


That’s right; Amazon searched through their entire inventory and recommended my own book to me! I don’t know whether I should be proud that my book was selected or disappointed that Amazon doesn’t have a better filter for their recommendations!

Now if they could just recommend it to other people.

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