Delmarva Today

I just did an interview on the radio interview show Delmarva Today, with Hal Wilson on Delmarva Public Radio in Salisbury, Maryland. (Delmarva stands for Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) Hal actually read the books, and had some pretty thoughtful questions. We covered the finer points of my book Master Detective and the Lindbergh kidnapping, and discussed the Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mysteries.

So if you want to know the answers to these vital questions give it a listen…..

-Why do so many fictional detectives have assistants such as Dr Watson?

-What is the “Pizza Rule” for historic research?

-Why did Flappers in the 1920s NEVER say Boop-boop a doop?

-What is a McGuffin?

-Who was the American Sherlock Holmes?

Listen for yourself in this podcast. (My portion is the second half hour and starts at 31.30.) Of course, if you want to learn about native plants around the Chesapeake Bay, you can listen from the beginning.


I’m on the left, trying to keep from hitting my head on the microphone.

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