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“Don’t be humble; you’re not that great”…..Golda Meir

If you are in a position where you manage or supervise others, you can be justly proud of your accomplishment, and ¬†that you have been entrusted with that responsibility. But never assume you are necessarily smarter than those you supervise. … Continue reading

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Harder than it looks

What’s it like to pilot an airship like the Goodyear blimp or the old Navy blimps? It has to be a lot easier than flying an airplane; right? With an airplane, you have to fiddle with the controls constantly to … Continue reading

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Air raids; effective…and not

Here’s an obvious question for WWII buffs: Which air attack caused more damage,¬† the Pearl Harbor attack or the Doolittle raid on Tokyo? Simple, huh? The Pearl Harbor attack involved over 350 airplanes and and wrecked the American Pacific fleet, … Continue reading

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