On March 5, I am doing a talk at the Easton, Maryland library on Mayan Conquistador: The amazing story of Gonzalo Guerrero, based on my new book The Confessions of Gonzalo Guerrero. Guerrero was a real person, a Spaniard shipwrecked on the then unknown coast of the Yucatan in Mexico in 1511. He was captured by the Maya, but in a few years became a warrior and was married to a Mayan woman. Even more remarkable, he helped the Maya fight back against the other Spaniards when they finally arrived.

The library is putting notices up here and there, and they are sending an announcement to the local newspaper, but I wanted to pitch the talk to people I thought might really be interested in the subject: the local Hispanic community. So how to go about it? Well,  there are three Latin grocery stores in the area and they are heavily patronizer by local Hispanic folks, so I went to two of them today. The owners were very cooperative and let me post the announcement in their windows. Here is one of them.

The notice is the one closest to the left side of the door. latinGroceryI hope this will bring out some people who might have otherwise missed it.

mayarevisedhires cover2

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