Going Green (but mostly just going)

The Royal Dockyard in Bermuda is the former Royal Navy base and is now a cruise ship port and home of the National Museum. The museum is housed in a series of former Navy buildings set among green grassy areas within the sea walls.


The superintendent’s House at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda


Some of the grassy area around the dockyard.

It’s a beautiful spot, full of history and sweeping sea vistas, but something has changed since we were there a few years ago. Maintaining so much grass is undoubtedly a bother to the people who run the museum. Grass has to be cut periodically and that means noise, expense and possible interference with visitors. Apparently someone got a bright idea; why not keep the grass cut in an ecological and natural way? They could save money, make the place even more picturesque, and be “green” at the same time.

The solution? Sheep! That’s right, they got a flock of sheep to wander the grounds nibbling the grass to keep it all neat without those nasty, gas-burning lawn mowers. Save money and save the earth at the same time!


Nature’s lawn mowers busy converting grass into…other products.

Well, it works like a charm. The sheep constantly trim the grass and don’t bother the tourists. What’s not to like? Well, there is one little problem; unlike gas-powered lawn mowers, nature’s lawn mowers produce sheep manure. So now visitors must spend more time watching where they step than watching the scenery! The place is covered with the ..er, “end products” of the sheep’s efforts. Even with caution, anyone wearing sneakers with deep treads will have to do a bit of “sole searching” and cleaning before returning to the cruise ship. So if you go there, whatever you do, don’t wear sandals or flip flops…and don’t even think about going barefoot.

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