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Writing Nonfiction 5- Selling your Nonfiction Book- Whatsitabout

If you’ve been following these posts about writing nonfiction, you should have gathered some pointers on why to do it, how to select a topic, how to research it, and how to organize it. You would think that the next … Continue reading

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How Hermann Goering’s Swedish nephew became a humanitarian hero in Africa

One of the worst of the many atrocities of the Twentieth Century, not in terms of total body count, but in terms of concentrated horror and misery, was the Biafran War in 1967-1970. The southeast portion of Nigeria on the … Continue reading

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The Drones Club

With so many people filling the sky with drones, the FAA is kindly reminding you that they must be registered.(The drones; not the people.) This actually makes sense since drones can, and no doubt will, be misused by idiots and … Continue reading

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Writing Non Fiction 4- Telling the Story- How to frame the book

Now that you’re ready to go full speed ahead with your nonfiction book, you have to decide just how to organize it. ¬†With fiction, you usually go according to the plot. You might have a flashback or two, but otherwise, … Continue reading

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