More Eastern Shore mayhem

Next week, Death across the Chesapeake, my latest Roaring 20s mystery based on real cases will be released.


In the sixth Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mystery, set in 1926, the Hurlocks are back on Maryland’s sleepy Eastern Shore expecting to settle down after years of solving murders. But when a local stockbroker is killed in his locked office in a building owned by the wealthy and eccentric Stilwells, the Easton police know they have a delicate situation on their hands, and turn to Max and Allison for help.
Max tries to put the pieces together, while Allison helps the mayor fend off the sensation-seeking press. The pressure mounts, but no one can say who killed the stockbroker, or even how it was done.
Add to the mix a man from Allison’s past, an unlikely New York art dealer with a passion for mysteries, some ravenous reporters, a steel walk-in safe that seems to hold nothing of value, a book found at the crime scene that shouldn’t be there, and a small, unexplained pile of plaster dust, and it soon becomes clear that Max’s retirement from detective work was premature.
The book will be in Kindle format. Check back here for details.
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