Fowl Play on the Chesapeake Bay: Get your ducks in a row…for free!

If you are looking for a children’s book to read to your kids or grandkids (or if you’re just looking for stories without sex or explosions), consider The Duckworth Papers, featuring eight original stories of the most remarkable duck on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s written for kids, but has just enough sneaky adult references to keep you interested.

So you think ducks on the Chesapeake Bay have a dull life? Then you haven’t met Duckworth and his friends. Why just a few weeks ago, Duckworth and his pal Chuck Duck got captured by watermen, and the Netley sisters came by and grabbed Gooba the cat in their nets, saving Mrs Flapper and the six fuzzy ducklings. Then Cheesy Quacker got mixed up in the Great Crab Race, Duckworth spent a scary night in the haunted marsh to impress Danielle Featherby, and the ducks had a spinnaker bouncing contest that turned into the Great Miles River Duck Riot. Then, just when they thought things had settled down, Buzz Bee Berkeley came by and told them about the mystery at Mumbles Manor.
That’s life for Bosley J. Duckworth, the most remarkable duck on the Chesapeake Bay. And to think that it all started with Mrs. Spudwell’s famous chicken-fried, five spice, three bean, deep dish. Oyster-fritter casserole.

As Old Webfoot always says, life can get weird when you’re a duck.


And here’s the best part: from Sunday, April 10 through Thursday, April 14, you can download The Duckworth Papers to your Kindle, computer, or phone free! Just go to this link .

And if you like it, why not write a review?

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