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Exploiting children for fun and profit

For some, panhandling has become a way of life, paying better than hard to find steady employment. With the competition, and public wariness, many panhandlers have become more creative, and have worked out sympathetic, but realistic-sounding hard luck stories. I … Continue reading

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Joan of Arc’s wardrobe malfunction?

If you have ever been to the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, you have no doubt been thrilled at the majesty and beauty of its interior spaces. ┬áThe ┬ácathedral is dedicated to Louis of France, and to the woman … Continue reading

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Red White and Blue Barbecue

There are many things that make America great people all over the world long to come here. This is why illegal immigration is a far bigger problem here than in places such as Albania, Rwanda, North Korea, and Yemen. There … Continue reading

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