The irresistable allure of the politically incorrect wisecrack

Sometimes I just can’t help myself; I just blurt out something politically incorrect. But in my defense, I have to point out that the straight lines served up to me sometimes make the snarky retort almost irresistible.

Take the morning news a few weeks ago. A morning news show had a story about placing famous women on various denominations of U.S. currency. The female news anchors were positively giddy about the prospect, making it sound as world-shaking as a cure for cancer. They went on about how “historic” it would be, ignoring the fact that Martha Washington got there first in the 1800s.

Martha Washington was the only woman to appear on a U.S. currency note, and that was in the 1800s.

Finally, one of them ended the segment by saying “So you men look out; women will soon be filling your wallets!”

To which I replied out loud, “That will be a nice switch; usually they empty them.”

My wife just shook her head, but I could see that she was laughing, too.

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