Buried treasure in the 1000 Islands!

In late July, we chartered a houseboat in the Thousand Islands region along the St Lawrence between Canada and the US. (Since then, we have been amazed how many people have never heard of the place. Where do they think Thousand Island dressing comes from?) Anyway, we found that piloting a pontoon houseboat with a single outboard is like trying to maneuver a block of ice across a marble floor by pushing it with a pool cue, but we managed to get where we wanted to go and back again without incident.

In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, the area has a lot of interesting history, not the least of which is friction between the US and Canada during the War of 1812. The picturesque Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, as well as the Martello towers guarding the city are tourist attractions today, but were built to defend against invasion from the United States. The famous Rideau Canal, connecting Kingston with Ottawa was constructed to provide resupply route to Kingston that could not be disrupted by the American navy. Of course, we’re all pals now.


As you might expect, such an interesting area tends to attract interesting people. While cruising among the islands in our houseboat, we met four couples from Ontario who were on a real life quest for a buried treasure. The remarkable story of that quest, and whether it was successful is told in an article I wrote for Thousand Islands Life online magazine. Here is the link…. ThousandIslandsLife.com

Take a look.

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