Roaring 20s Mysteries brought up to date

People constantly ask…..

Well, people sometimes ask….

Well, somebody asked me once...I think;  what’s the deal with your mysteries? How many books are there and are they a serial? Do they feature the same detective? Do they all take place on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? Where do the plots come from?

Well, in response to the  overwhelming demand, here is everything you ever wanted to know (and a lot you didn’t) about the Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mysteries…

Here are the books in order. Each story is a stand alone and can be read in isolation, but they are sequential and some references to previous cases pop up. All the stories are based on real-life cases of the era. The details of these real cases are discussed in the end notes. I also have real life famous people pop up here and there. Max and Allison Hurlock appear throughout each book. Max is the Eastern Shore born engineer, amateur pilot, and reluctant detective; Allison is his Roland Park-born, Goucher graduate, magazine-writer wife. In each story, she is researching a new article on some aspect of 1920s culture and turns up clues about the case that Max can use t o solve the crime..
 Here are the books in order….
Death of a Flapper– Their first case. An old Navy buddy of Max’s draws him into the case of a double murder in a locked room in Moorestown, NJ. Allison researches flappers. Appearance by Ozzie Nelson
(Note: Because the original publisher of Death of a Flapper temporarily suspended operations, Death of a Flapper was published second, but is still the first book in the series. It just adds to the mystery!)
Death on a Golden Isle– A letter from a suspect brings Max to investigate a poisoning at the Jekyll Island Club in Georgia. Allison researches the Jekyll Island Club.
Death at the Lighthouse– Max discovers a Lighthouse keeper murdered in Chesapeake Bay lighthouse. Allison researches Spiritualism. Appearances by Gaston Means, H.L. Mencken, J. Millard Tawes, and Houdini
Death and the Blind Tiger– New York City’s most wealthy bachelor is shot, and the chief suspect asks Max to investigate and clear him. Allison researches speakeasies. Appearances by Dorothy Parker, Edna Ferber, Duke Ellington, Robert Benchley, Texas Guinan, and Harold Ross.
Death in Unlikely Places– A serial killer is murdering Florida real estate developers in impossible ways, and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss contacts Max to stop him.. Allison researches Florida land boom. Appearances by Glenn Curtiss, and developer D.P. Davis.
Death across the Chesapeake– The mayor of Easton asks Max to investigate the murder of a stockbroker in a locked Easton office building owned by a wealthy and mysterious couple, and asks Allison to help handle the press. Allison researches proposed bay bridge.  Appearance by H.L. Menken.
They’re available in a few Eastern Shore bookstores, as well as
That’s it so far. For non mysteries, check out
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