Judging books by their covers

Someone said you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can usually judge it by its back cover. The idea, of course, is that the facade of a book, at least the front part, can be deceiving about what’s inside. The back cover is usually much more revealing.

I saw a human example of this principle today in an unlikely place: a toy store. There was a distinguished looking man, maybe 60-70, approaching the front counter. He was well dressed had neat, silver hair, and a no-nonsense look to him. He could have been a TV doctor, maybe head of cardiac surgery or something similar. This was not unusual, since the toy store had a good stock of  high level educational toys suitable for the man’s grandchildren. What would this gentleman want; maybe a detailed anatomy model, or a chemistry set, or an electronic kit? He reached the counter and addressed the clerk with the confident air of a man who knew exactly what he wanted. He stated his requirements in a clear, steady voice.

“Excuse me, do you carry Whoopee Cushions?”


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