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The strange journey of an Empress

At the Pope’s Tavern Museum a small, out of the way place in Florence, Alabama, amid the Civil War relics and antique furniture, a visitor suddenly encounters an exquisite bisque bust of a European woman from the 1800s. The bust … Continue reading

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Dashing through the snow

Thousand Islands Life online magazine has just published an article I wrote telling the story of a little known prisoner of war escape attempt across the ice of the frozen St Lawrence River in 1942. I corresponded with the escapee, … Continue reading

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Pleasing the public vs pleasing the experts or, why the Kingston Trio is like the Eiffel Tower

We went to see the Kingston Trio in concert the other night. It’s a strange set up, since the Kingston Trio stopped performing over 40 years ago. In their place, however, are three guys fully sanctioned by the originals, a … Continue reading

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The last combat deaths of the First World War took place over six months later, and were in Scotland!

When the Armistice was declared in November of 1918, hostilities of the Great War were officially over and a cease fire went into effect. In the final seconds on the Western Front, there was a fury of gunfire in the … Continue reading

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How Poland saved Western Civilization….Twice!

When most Americans think of Poland, if they think of it at all, they think of it as a faraway place where they make kielbasa and have a serious shortage of vowels in their names. Some, who know a little … Continue reading

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Last Watch on the Alexander Henry

Here is an article I wrote for Thousand Islands Life Magazine about a mothballed Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker that seems  to be heading for the shipbreaking yard.

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Haitian salvation

If you lived in Haiti in the late 1930s, you might be excused from being concerned about the rest of the world; you had plenty of troubles of your own. The Americans had occupied the place since 1915 and had only … Continue reading

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